Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [abridged]!

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a fantastic summer break! This year the fall play is The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [abridged] and the backstage crew and I are so excited to be here behind the scenes again! I'm also excited to bring you information about our tech crew process like I did last year, and I'll be sure to post as we go from sets to props to costumes to the final show.

Let's start with the sets.  William Shakespeare's original plays were produced in The Globe, one of the most fantastic and awe-inspiring theaters of its time.  Although it burned down, its legacy has influenced the way theater has been performed ever since.  With that in mind, it became one of our first inspirations for the set...

The Globe Theater
We also loved the charm and style of the Elizabethan time period, so the idea of an Elizabethan home also influenced our design.  Here's one of the pictures we used for reference:
An example of an Elizabethan home
With all this in mind, we started building the initial framework for the set! It's not anywhere near completed, but this is our first part of the facade:
The first glimpse of our set!
Hope you enjoyed seeing the initial part of our design process! Stay tuned for more posts about sets, props, costumes, backstage work, and more!

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