Friday, September 21, 2012

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Break Pallets

This week we were given an impossible task--destroy this pile of pallets.  Yes, you read that right--a big part of tech crew is sometimes destroying things!  We are going to use the scrap wood for the sets of The Love of Three Oranges.  By nailing these boards onto some plywood, we can mask the back of the blackbox from the seats and provide that "commedia" look.  Commedia dell'arte was traditionally a traveling show brought around on wagons or carts, so the sets are minimal and rough-looking.  With this scrap wood, we can bring that same rustic look to the stage in 2012!
A traditional stage for Commedia dell'Arte.
The giant pile of pallets for us to destroy...

Techies using hammers and crowbars to rip the wood apart.

The finished pile of wood...FINALLY...
Stay tuned for more techie adventures!

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